Wedding Planning Services

Enjoy laughing with your girlfriends not by setting upWe would love to cover all of the details for you so you get to enjoy the fun stuff.  We want you to enjoy the planning process, spending time with your fiance talking about life and not just wedding this, or wedding that.  Do you want to breeze through your planning, stress free and worry free?  Would you like to be sipping champagne on the morning of your wedding day, having your hair done, without a worry because you know it’s all being handled perfectly?  You are in the right place!

You are wondering how do we get to that glass of champagne?

To start, we have a step-by-step proven wedding planning process and tools that are backed by years of experience. This proven system will help to take out the “work” of getting married and keep all the fun and lovely parts that you want.

Here is what you need do to get started…  

Step one.  Take a look at the services below.  Which one is the perfect fit for you and your wedding?

Step two.  Give us a call or send us an email to book a consultation.  Call us at 715-347-3566 or email us [email protected]

Step three.  We would set up a date to meet together (this is totally free), in which, to see if we are the best match for your wedding celebration.

Step four.  Then, we would send you a customized wedding proposal, which would layout our step-by-step process to ensure that your planning, your engagement and your wedding is all you desire and hope for.

Step five.  Let us start working so you stop worrying.


Planning, Design & Event Management

We would love to help you create the wedding celebration you’ve always dreamed about. We will show you how to do something a little different and stands out from all the rest. We’ll make every detail tied in with the next. Your wedding will be a day that represents you as a couple. We’ll refer to you the very best vendors for your individual needs and budget. We’ll guide you along with a handcrafted planning timelines so you know what to expect next. We can help you settle on a realistic budget that gives you some wiggle room for the kind of wedding you imagined, and we’ll help you stick to it.

And of course, we are there on the day of the wedding to make sure everything runs the way it was planned and deal with any issues that could pop up…before you even know about it. Want to breeze through the planning, stress free? Want to be sipping champagne (I will be having coffee) on the morning of your wedding day, having your hair done, without a worry in the world because you know it’s all being handled perfectly? This service is for you.

And the most amazing part of it all that you don’t have to do this alone.  We will be right by your side!!


Wedding Management

You want to tackled everything leading up to your wedding.  That is awesome!  However, are you wondering who is going to make sure everything falls into place for you. With this service, we will hop on board to solidify the itinerary, make sure everything is in place, and handle coordination of all those details you have planned.  This enables you to be in the moment and celebrate with your friends and family by giving you the confidence that all your details will come together perffectly.

 Contact us today to book a consultation (it’s free) or 

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